Ukraine. Maria Zołkina: Russia will deploy nuclear weapons in occupied territories

Maria Zolkina, an expert at the Ukrainian Foundation for Democratic Initiatives, predicted that Russia would deploy tactical nuclear weapons in occupied Ukrainian territories, forcing the authorities in Kiev to forget about these lands. Earlier, Russian diplomatic chief Sergei Lavrov said that “all Russian laws and principles, including nuclear ones, apply to the territories of Ukraine annexed to Russia by referendum.”

– The Russians want to intensify the nuclear threat – Maria Solkina said in an interview with Ukrainian TV. In her opinion, Russia Deploy tactical nuclear weapons in the currently occupied territories of Ukraine. report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

According to an expert at the Foundation for Democratic Initiatives named after Ilka Kucheriv, when deciding to deploy such weapons, officials in the Kremlin will try to provoke a debate in the West. Ukraine It must “forget” about the occupied territories so as not to provoke a Russian nuclear attack on other Ukrainian territories.

– Speaking about tactical nuclear weapons, we understand that Ukraine will be affected, not European countries – Solkina said. – To prevent this, Ukraine should try to liberate the occupied territories as soon as possible – he added.

Russian Czar Ballistic Missiles

Russian doctrine

Foreign Minister on Saturday Sergey Lavrov “All Russian laws and principles, including nuclear ones, will apply to the territories of Ukraine annexed by Russia through a ‘referendum,'” he said.

Since Friday, occupation authorities have been adding fake-indications to four regions in the east and south of Ukraine (Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia) partially occupied by the Russian military. Voting is expected till Tuesday.

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Occupying authorities are holding a fake referendum in eastern and southern parts of Ukraine. Reuters

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