“I will never stop.” A huge advantage

There is nothing in sight that can stop Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee to run for president next year. Or anyone. Even as Democrats seek to destroy him by all legal means, his lead over his rivals continues to grow — suffice it to say that Trump has more support among Republican voters than the next two contenders.

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According to recent polls by YouGov and Yahoo, Donald Trump is viewed as the Republican presidential nominee by 48 percent of Republican voters, compared to 23 percent for his biggest rival, the more popular Florida governor Ron DeSantis. South Carolina Senator Tim Scott is third.

The hearings were held before Justice Department attorney Tim Smith notified the former president that he was under investigation as thousands of supporters stormed Congress on January 6, 2021, on Capitol Hill. The former president must appear before a grand jury. Republicans and other anti-Trumpers (the former president has many supporters among independent voters, meaning those who do not identify with the Republican or Democratic parties) see this as harassment, which could cost the former president a chance to run for office. In fact, perhaps Republicans can prevent either candidate from standing. Federal Judge Eileen Cannon (ha Działo sic) has set a trial date for May 20, 2024 for the former president’s indictment for illegal storage of classified documents. So it will be after the Republican primary, which ends in mid-March, and before the Republican National Convention, scheduled for July 15-18. If Trump is convicted, Republicans will have virtually no option to field another candidate. or more limited ones.

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It’s just one of the many strange persuasions Democrats are trying to get at Trump. When Joe Biden’s term as Vice President under Barack Hussein Obama ended, he had similar problems with keeping classified documents after leaving office. Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State, even after she was in office, had a famous scandal involving keeping documents and classified data on private servers in the basement of her home. Although Clinton is known to have destroyed letters and electronic devices in the matter, it all came to nothing. But Biden and Clinton are proper Democrats, and what’s more, they’re part of the establishment, Trump isn’t, and he’s the biggest threat. Washington Swamp — Washington Swamp. As Trump comments on the latest legal action against him, I won’t stop. This of course means continuing political activities and contesting presidential elections.

It’s been a never-ending struggle since the day I stepped on the escalator at Trump Tower

– Comments Trump refers to the famous scene after the end of the press conference, where in 2015 he first announced his intention to fight for the White House – in the 2016 election.

Neither the FBI nor the State Department will stop me from fighting for the American people.

Those commentators who say that Democrats want to scapegoat Trump in order to make him the Republican nominee seem to think that Joe Biden or another Democratic candidate could easily overcome him. I never agree with such interpretations, now Trump has more support than the current president, and polls suggest that in a head-to-head fight between these two rivals, the “Orange Donald” will be the winner. Today, there are many signs that Democrats prefer to decide elections not at the polls but in courtrooms.

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We should have abandoned our uncritical faith in American institutions and American democracy long ago. The left goes through institutions and destroys them not just in crazy Spain or Brussels, but all over the world. The decay of civilization is visible everywhere, especially abroad. It should be remembered that two of the most destructive ideologies of the 21st century were born there – climate and LGBTVN + (Nazism, Communism, etc. are old inventions). As much as we don’t like Trump’s bluster, his often arrogant behavior, or his vague, outrageous, and sometimes stupid statements about the war in Ukraine, he is the only possible world leader who can stop the madness of progressive progress.

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