Honkai: Star Rail’s final closed beta test begins on February 10th

miHoYo The final turn-based sci-fi beta test will begin RPG Honkai: Star Realm On February 10 via PCiOS, and Android developer announce. Subscriptions are now available in the game Official Website.

Here is an overview of the game and the final closed beta test, via miHoYo:

Honkai: Star Realm is a brand new space fantasy RPG featuring a journey into vast unexplored worlds. The game features an intuitive turn-based combat system, large maps with labyrinthine explorations, puzzle-solving gameplay, and immersive stories that together form an interstellar melody full of surprises and rewarding experiences, reverberating across the entire universe!

In this universe, there is [Aeons], the embodiment of the Universal Principles capable of moving freely between infinite worlds using some kind of primordial power. The galaxy is filled with diverse worlds that have unique landscapes and stories. the [Aeons] Roaming the universe adhere to their beliefs. The protagonist, who was implanted with [Stellaron]embarks on a journey on the Astral Express with a group of passengers who claim to have inherited a soul [the Trailblaze]. Together they will follow the paths [Aeons] To explore the realms of the universe.

In the final closed beta, players will be able to experience the origin story on the space station Hirta, then sail to the galaxy by exploring Jarilo-VI and Xianzhou Luofu, two major destinations with a distinct culture and landscape: Jarilo-VI, an icy cold planet, has mysteries and dangers Countless frozen under ice caps await further investigation. Xianzhou Luofu, revealed for the first time, is an armored giant belonging to the Xianzhou Alliance, one of the most powerful and influential factions in the universe. As the second stop of the Grand Pioneer’s Journey, with its bustling cityscapes and magnificent architecture, Xianzhou Luofu foreshadows the next expedition full of oriental imagination, where the tension between various groups is simmering!

Besides roaming the world, discovering mysteries, and bonding with characters, Trailblazers can also build their own four-person combat team from a wide range of playable characters, among them Bailu, Yanqing, Qingque, and Tingyun. Players can hone their unique fighting skills to take on different types of opponents through an exciting turn-based combat system. In addition, we will see the final closed beta Honkai: Star Realm Implement new gameplay features such as co-op mode, companion missions, shootouts, and more.

The full FAQ for the final closed beta test is available here.

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Watch a new trailer below. View a new set of screenshots in the gallery.

The final closed beta trailer: a space comedy




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