Government crisis in Estonia. The prime minister has come under fire for his ties to Russia

He compared the matter to “the prime minister’s reckless handling of the Russian connections of a company close to him” owned by Callas’ husband.

– By order of the government, Oberail (Estonian government’s sole shareholder railway company) stopped all Russia-related activities, so half of the employees had to be fired, and the future of the rest of the employees was unclear. Severing business ties with Russia is a big sacrifice that both employers and employees feel very painfully, said Pettersson, the health and labor minister of the previous Kallas government.

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– Since the first day of the scandal, the Prime Minister’s unscrupulous handling of businesses close to him has seriously affected hundreds, even thousands of people – in his opinion, Kallas has indicated that the Prime Minister should resign.

Scam with Prime Minister’s husband

Opposition parties and the biggest Estonian newspapers called for the prime minister to step down earlier. This was revealed in a survey conducted by the Institute for Social Affairs Research 66% voted in favor of Callas’ resignation. Lessons. Estonian President Alar Karis said on Monday that “Prime Minister Kallas wants to resign immediately after the outbreak of the crisis”.

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