Germany. They beat a seriously ill classmate. “They were digging in the kidneys, the stomach”

The boy was attacked by his peers on May 9, but only now has the story been publicized by the German “Bild”. According to the newspaper, she is in the same class as Einar A girl and two boys assaulted a 13-year-old boy During a short break.

Schoolchildren in Chiton pushed a seriously ill boy when he lost his balance. They started kicking with their feet. “Apparently a girl kicked him in the kidney and a guy punched him in the stomach” – “Bild” reports. They asked Einar: “Is it true that if you get hit you will die?”.

Even when the bell rang for the next lesson, the young attack did not stop. They kicked the boy hard all over his body. By this time, Einer, whose kidney failure required him to wear a bladder catheter and whose cardiac output was only ten percent, was completely at the mercy of his tormentors.

After all, the battered 13-year-old returned to class. Despite the author’s questions about the reasons for the delay, he ignored the incident for fear of retaliation from the perpetrators. He was seriously injured and after returning from school, he went to his room and went to sleep. His mother didn’t know until that evening. “I have no idea. Einar is often tired after a day at school,” Carmen, 37, tells Bild.

The frustrated mother immediately contacted the nearest clinic and asked for help. The doctor on duty advised over the phone Give the child pain relievers. The next day, the woman took the boy to the hospital, but gave up waiting too long for an appointment. Through a friend, she made an appointment in a city 70 km away.

Einar was beaten and missing for two days. A young woman in critical condition is currently being prepared for surgerySo doctors can determine the extent of the injuries he sustained in the violent attack. The boy’s mother has filed a complaint against three students from Einar’s class, but the attackers are likely to escape punishment.

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