Germany introduces wooden payment cards. Reduce plastic

Six billion new bank and payment cards are issued worldwide each year. This corresponds to the weight of 150 Boeing 747 aircraft.

Germany uses the Girocard payment card system. Let’s say nationality. In our western neighbor, this “piece of plastic” is added to everyone Bank account. The key word here is “plastic”.

Plastic from wood

Volks-und Raiffeisenbanken introduced some innovations. “Handelsblatt” writes about the change in the use of this material for the manufacture of cards. They have been replaced by wood. As we read, this is a response to the needs of customers who are more interested in methods Environmental protection.

The change affects around 27 million Girocards in circulation in co-operative banks. But that’s not all. We will add 5 million more credit cards from the same bank group.

A mixture? 90 percent wood (a clone of FSC-certified crops in Switzerland and Germany) and 10 percent paper and biodegradable glue.

However, a wooden card may not be completely eco-friendly. We cannot forget about the color of the chip, magnetic strip and logo.

Not the first such solution

This solution was first introduced by GLS and Volksbanken in Hamburg and Hanover. Dozens declared takes similar steps In the coming months.

Eco-friendly initiative accepted and certified by payment service providers – Visa and MasterCard.

Berlin was paralyzed. Resistance of “last generation” activists//Deutsche Welle

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