Starfield gameplay has been leaked online – spoilers beware

It happened – the game Starfield was loaded online, with some gamers throwing caution to the wind and staring defiantly in the face of Bethesda Game Studios. Recently, nearly an hour of gameplay was uploaded to a small YouTube channel, where a player captured the gameplay from a device pointed at a TV – as if it were 2009 all over again.

It’s only a matter of time before the content is removed – it is online on YouTube at the time of this writing — but it’s definitely the first of many videos that will be uploaded as Starfield’s launch ever approaches.

Beware: It’s a fair part of Starfield gameplay, but it does contain obvious spoilers.

Starfield gameplay looks great

We’re not saying anything to spoil the game, but even in these embarrassing leaks, Starfield’s gameplay looks absolutely fantastic. It’s almost impossible to notice that it’s capped at 30fps on the Xbox Series X|S at times, and the animations, landscapes, and environments are great.

That’s it – we don’t say anything more about it.

In the video uploaded to YouTube, it appears that the player has somehow obtained a physical copy of the Constellation Edition – the highest level version of Starfield. This is the version that comes with a storage box that is an exact replica of an existing in-game box, and also gives players a real-world replica of the in-game clock device – which is basically Starfield’s Pip-Boy.

At this point, we’ll warn those eager to experience the game themselves, firsthand – spoilers begin now.

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