Ford has recalled more than 140,000 SUVs due to fire risks related to the sensors

Ford Motor Company announced Friday that it is recalling more than 140,000 of its vehicles due to the risk of the battery display sensor overheating and possibly catching fire.

The company said in a statement Customers who own certain Lincoln MKC vehicles from model years 2015 through 2019 should park their vehicles outside and off the structures while Ford provides Lincoln dealers and retailers with the parts and repair instructions needed to fix the problem.

Ford said the location of the sensor in these vehicles could make it vulnerable to damage when servicing the battery or other related electrical components. Damage may cause a short on the printed circuit board, which can cause the surrounding materials to overheat.

Ford said it is aware of 19 reports potentially related to under-hood fires, including some that occurred when the vehicle was parked and turned off. The company said that owners do not need to stop driving these recalled vehicles and have not received reports of any accidents or physical injuries related to this issue.

Of the 19 fires, 11 occurred in the United States, seven in China and one occurred in Canada.

An inline fuse will be added to the battery display sensor power circuit in affected vehicles to prevent electrical current from causing overheating.

Customers can check If their vehicle is included in the recall by searching its VIN on the Ford website.

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Ford plans to send letters to MKC owners between June 26 and 30 notifying them of the recall and giving them instructions, including that they should take their vehicle to a dealership to receive necessary repairs.

Consumers will be able to reimburse costs until November 30th.

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