Flight alert across Ukraine. Russian bombers took off. “Lots of rockets. From south and east” | World news

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Alarm Anti-aircraft throughout the country! […] Lots of rockets. From the south and from the east. “Air defense is working,” stressed Vitaly Kim. As he added, Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers also took off. The head of the Mykolaiv region noted that the planes took off from the temporarily occupied Mariupol region.

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A series of explosions in Kherson

Ukraynska Pravda in the Dnipropetrovsk region of southern Ukraine, e.g. Inside Curved corner And on the Dnieper, air defenses were launched. The portal also reports that there have been a series of explosions in Kherson. And there was an explosion Nicholas and Zaporizhia province in the southeast.

The media also reported an explosion in Kiev. A video showing thick smoke has surfaced on the internet. Emergency power outages in Ukraine’s capital

During the massive attack on Ukraine, the European Parliament approved Russia For “state sponsor of terrorism”. On Wednesday, MEPs voted in favor of a resolution on the matter. It was the result of an agreement between various political groups, from conservatives and peasants to liberals and social democrats. The document also mentions a rocket explosion in Presvoto.

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rushDeclared Russia a terrorist state. The MPs adopted the resolution

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