Joe Biden: Russian invasion of Ukraine is still possible

As many as 150,000 Russian troops are still stationed around Ukraine, and US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that an invasion was still possible in eastern Europe. He stressed that the United States has put forward specific plans in response to Moscow’s concerns, but will not compromise on basic principles. He also promised that the United States would defend “every inch of NATO” with all its might. At the same time, he argued: “Neither NATO nor the United States is a threat to Russia.”

The Russian Defense Ministry announced Troops will return to their bases after completing exercises on the border with Ukraine. However, it was not specified in which areas the retreat began and how many players retreated. The Russian Defense Ministry announced today that some military units near Ukraine will leave their positions. That would be good news, but we haven’t checked it out yet Referring to this information, Biden said.

Our researchers point out that it will continue (Russian Forces – Editor’s note) Be in a threatening position. The fact is that there are still 150,000 people in Russia. Soldiers around Ukraine – Added.

The US president also said his administration had been engaged in “permanent diplomacy” for weeks. During a telephone conversation with President Putin on Saturday, he stressed that he was ready for further talks to achieve this goal. Written agreement between the peoples of Russia, America and EuropeTo address legitimate security concerns. “

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Biden stressed that the United States had come up with specific plans to “establish a security environment in Europe”, including arms control, military transparency and strategic stability. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Sovereignty’s legitimacy, regional unity and the right of nations to choose their own paths and alliances. Biden watched the two of them alone Putin and other Russian officials expressed interest in continuing the talks.

The US president warned Russia that they would continue The aggression against Ukraine will result in “self-destruction” for Moscow“,” Large “human costs, as well as restrictions on financial institutions and key industries, export controls of key technologies and North Stream 2 gas pipeline. Biden argued that these measures were ready to begin, although he acknowledged that they could affect higher energy costs for Americans.

Biden also promised that in the event of an attack, the United States would intensify re-arming Ukraine and strengthen NATO’s eastern part.

And do not betray anyone. The United States will defend all parts of NATO with all its might. An attack on a NATO nation is an attack on all of us – Biden said he had already sent additional US troops to NATO’s eastern countries in response to the concentration of Russian troops.

The President has announced The United States will retaliate if Russia attacks US citizens in UkraineIf Moscow launches an “asymmetrical attack” against the United States or its allies. Earlier, the White House announced its readiness to assist Ukraine in Tuesday’s attack on government parties and banks.

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Biden denied the allegations made by Russian officials and the media and spoke directly to the Russians.

The United States and NATO pose no threat to Russia. Ukraine is not a threat to Russia. Neither the US nor NATO has missiles in Ukraine. We have no plans to put them there Biden was saying.

At the same time he promised Neither NATO nor the United States is a threat to Russia And they have no plans to deploy missiles in Ukraine. AboutAUDIENCE OF RUSSIA: You are not our enemies. I do not think you want a bloody and destructive war against Ukraine, a country where you have such deep family, historical and cultural ties. – Appealed to the President.

The leader said that if Russia decided to continue its occupation, it would be a war of its own free will “for no reason or justification.”

The world will never forget Russia’s choice of unnecessary death and destruction Biden promised.

The US company Maxar Technologies has reported that satellite images have been observed Increased activity of Russian troops near the borders of Ukraine, In western Russia, Belarus and the annexed Crimea. The photos were taken on February 13 and 14, just before Russia announced the withdrawal of its troops.

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Exercises involving Russian troops are currently underway in Belarus. Some players have already finished them and are officially preparing to return. However, some regiments will still be in place, as the “Alliance Strictly – 2022” exercises will last until February 20.

The West is coordinating these maneuvers with tightening security around Ukraine. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said troops from the southern and western military districts had begun to mount and They will return to the garrisons.

Russia, meanwhile, is clearly emphasizing its demands. Moscow wants NATO ending military support for Ukraine, among other things, withdraws from expanding the North Atlantic Alliance And all military operations near Russia’s borders came to an end.

Information about a possible attack on Russia began to emerge in November. First, the American media reported this, citing information contained in the Services. Later, the head of the Ukrainian intelligence service, Grillo Putano, also said that there was a threat of an invasion. He estimated it could happen in January or February.

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