Everyone is still silent about everything Chris Jones said to Matt Ryan

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On Sunday, the game-winning relegation campaign of the Indianapolis Colts was saved by a penalty that was called up by the Chiefs defensive line. Chris Jones To say something to the Indianapolis quarterback Matt Ryan After a third bag. Two days later, no one said what Jones said.

After the match, referee Shawn Smith refusal to disclose Language allegedly offensive to reporter Adam Teicher’s compilation. Smith said that the specific comment Jones made would be added to the official game report.

In the league, the official match report has been presented. However, neither the league’s office nor anyone else says anything about what Jones is supposed to have said.

If the university wants anyone to believe the call was justified, transparency is required. The lack of transparency either indicates that drawing the flag wasn’t really bad – or that it was so bad that no one wants to repeat it.

“I know the talk is during games,” chiefs coach Andy Reed told reporters on Monday. “The best advice I can give is not to talk.”

Easier said than done. As Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy said Sunday night, all kinds of things were said on the football field. If every instance of “offensive language” draws a flag, the games will never end.

Several years ago, the league pushed to Remove racist insults from the field. Former full-back Richard Sherman speak out loud Against the league campaign on things said during matches when the league decided to monitor certain words.

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Regardless, he should know what Jones said. Either Smith overreacted and affected the outcome of the match, or he was reacting incorrectly to Jones because it affected the outcome of the match.

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