Diablo 4 Build allows barbarians to deal close to 1 billion damage

Diablo IVThe Berber class has been struggling since the game launched two months ago. even after Some recent patches Which has polished a few aspects of the character, her end game doesn’t fare so well compared to the other classes. But one follower has revealed a crippled combo that makes Barbs deal nearly a billion — yes, that’s a billion with “B” — damage to enemies.

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Rob2628 is a file twitch streamer And Youtube Known for making content Diablo And World of Warcraft. With nearly 100k followers on both platforms and experience dating back to 2005, he’s knowledgeable about Blizzard games. And as someone who has been creating content ever since Diablo IIIRob2628 seems to know a thing or two about creating OP builds in the heist RPG series. for example, August 8 video Where he showed how the barbarian slapped him Diablo IVHis hardest boss, Uber Lilith, with nearly a billion points of damage.

rob 2628

There’s a lot going on on screen, but basically, Rob2628 has completely obliterated Uber Lilith. i see in Patch 1.1.1 (which dropped on August 8), Blizzard fixed an issue with Diablo IV That prevented the item attribute of the Berserk Ripping Aspect from causing bleeding damage when berserk. The legendary aspect, an offensive improvement that allows Barbs to deal extra bleeding damage when the berserker effect is active, is part of Rob2628’s hilarious set here. The second part is Barbera hollowable gem that you can only pick up during malignant season Currently running low on content. This item evolves with critical hits, and because some of Barbs’ skills, like the Combat Lunging Strike, deal critical damage, the combo is very deadly.

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To break it further: With The Barber equipped, the damage you deal to the enemy from a critical hit is absorbed. It doesn’t affect their health (yet), as it’s like they’re simply holding on to that pain for you. This stored damage is then increased by 10 percent per second, and after a few seconds, an area-of-effect attack is triggered where pocket damage explodes on the target, completely wiping out its health. This can happen multiple times to a single enemy or to multiple enemies at once, the latter being especially useful if a boss spawns a few worthless trash mobs during an encounter. And this is what happened during Rob2628’s match with Uber Lilith. She summoned a few extra enemies, slashed her with critical hits while The Barber was equipped, and watched her health get completely wiped out.

Kotaku I’ve reached out to Blizzard and Rob2628 for comment.

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This reminds me That build one OP priest That dealt two billion points of damage. Unfortunately, Blizzard has corrected that, and there’s no doubt the same will happen here. Although every class in the game can use The Barber, it’s nice to know the Barbarians, one of them Diablo IVWeaker layers, you can get some good benefits from it.

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