Russian captured by Ukrainians. He stood in front of the camera

Ukraine has been at war for more than two years. Many Russian soldiers died during this time. Estimates by Western experts show that this number will reach Up to 450,000 people. However, not every soldier wants to die, which is why we often hear about prisoners of war.

A week ago we covered the story of Ivan Dubron, who didn't want to fight when he found out His wife had been cheating on him since the outbreak of war. In addition, she did not want to divorce him because she thought of posthumous compensation.

This time, thanks to Ukrainian politician Anton Herashchenko, we learn Konstantin Dmitrievich, It comes from eastern Russia, bordering Asian countries. Man has He was 24 years old, an orphan and worked in a sawmill before military mobilization.

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A Russian prisoner of war could not refuse to go to war

As he said, he never killed anyone and had no weapon in hand. During filming, he stayed Injured arm, right leg and right buttock.

I thought I would get paid in war. I heard that there will be. I don't know what happens to honesty in Russia, but I only received money once. 100 thousand rubles (approx. PLN 4.3 thousand – editor's note) and that's it – Dmitrijevic says in the post.

We have never argued with Ukraine. It was a peaceful country, but for some reason this war broke out, concluded the Russian prisoner.

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