“Nuclear Train” Heading to Ukraine? He was found in the center of Russia

According to The Times, further defeats on the Russian military front signal that Russian officials are ready to increase their strength further. At the same time, on Twitter, various users are spreading videos about the effect of local use of nuclear weapons on the front lines.

The Center for Combating Disinformation at Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council emphasized that Russia had its nuclear forces on standby at the start of the invasion. “Demonstrating readiness to use nuclear weapons on Ukrainian territory at any time is another stage of Russia’s information terrorism, which can be used to force Ukraine to talk about Kremlin terms,” ​​he stressed.

“Russia will continue to use the nuclear threat, so there is a high probability of various provocations on its part,” Ukrainians say.

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According to the findings of “The Times”, NATO was to warn its members that Russia may conduct a nuclear test on the border of Ukraine. “The Kremlin is signaling its readiness for a significant expansion,” reports the British daily.

Also, reports of a “nuclear train” seen in the center of Russia headed for Ukraine on October 3 intensified the West’s fears.

The train was located near the town of Serkiev Posad, northeast of Moscow, about 650 km from the border with Ukraine.

Former British intelligence officer Faubres McKenzie explained to Sky News that “the train bears the markings of the Ministry of Defence’s 12th Principal Board”, which is responsible for the security, transport and management of the nuclear arsenal.

According to McKenzie, the movements of the nuclear train could be a warning to the West, but he adds that it should be approached with a certain distance because “Russian ground forces are not ready to operate on a nuclear battlefield.”

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proof’s: The Times, Sky News, PAP

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