Activision’s Call Of Duty has a new way to catch cheaters

Vanguard heroes wonder where all the other players in the game have gone.

picture: Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard She added a new tool to her arsenal of tactics to try to humiliate cheaters. Online shooter Anti-fraud technology It now includes a new “mitigation technology” called anonymization that will make everyone, except the cheater, invisible, as punishment worthy of black mirror.

Basically once Call of dutyRICOCHET’s anti-cheat security detects that someone is cheating through the use of aimbots or other illegal means, and everyone else in the game will be made invisible to them. Even bullets will be hidden, and the sounds of gunfire will be silenced.

“However, legitimate players can see cheaters affected by disguise (generally, they will be the players you see going in circles shouting, ‘Who shoots me?!’) and can implement the penalty in-game,” forefrontdevelopment team Wrote in a blog post on Thursday. cruel.

This latest attempt to discourage cheaters comes with a heavy bias against the background of similar mechanisms. One called Damage Shield prevents those caught messing with the game from doing massive damage. Activision has also threatened to ban cheaters indefinitely all future Call of duty since when.

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The developers have tried to be creative in fighting the scourge of online fraud. When their program is not requested Reaching the controversial kernel level For PC gamers, they play with ideas like trapping cheaters Separate conciliation islands.

For its part, Activision routinely Tens of thousands of cheaters are banned from forefrontAnd war zoneand other recent Call of duty games. Together with companies such as Bungie and Riot Games, it has also entered the path of legal warfare, Trying to sue the makers of fraud into oblivion.

Rampant cheating is often blamed for why live service games bleed players. One of the most recent examples of this infinite aura. But forefront He suffered for a host of other reasons too, It generally failed to attract massive popularity from Call of duty pop up like modern war And black ops. new modern war 2 he is Highly rumored To be the latest game in the series, with a possible unveiling in May and likely to be released in holiday 2022.

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