Brightline West has broken ground. Planned passengers for 2028

Traveling from Las Vegas to Southern California on a high-speed train may seem like something from the future, but Bright Line West is making it a reality.

Currently under construction is BrightLine West, a 218-mile rail system that will connect a Los Angeles suburb to Sin City, turning a 4-hour car trip into a 2-hour high-speed train ride.

The metal on the tracks will not be dried or worked until 2028, just in time for the Summer Olympics that are scheduled to be held in Los Angeles at that time.

It took an estimated $12 billion to make this “dream” a reality, with Brightline securing $3 billion in federal funds in December, and another $2.5 billion in special bonds from the US Department of Transportation. .

“People have been dreaming of high-speed rail in America for decades — and now, with billions of dollars in support made possible… it's finally happening,” Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation He said Monday.

What is Brightline West?

Brightline West is a multi-year environmental transportation project from Brightline that will connect Nevada to Southern California via a 218-mile rail system.

All-electric, zero-emission trains will make the trip, reaching speeds of up to 200 mph.

Route and map of Brightline West, Rancho Cucamonga between stations

Brightline West's high-speed rail will make frequent stops along its 218-mile route from Las Vegas to Rancho Cucamonga. Victor Valley and Hesperia are among the stops included in the trip.

Brightline says the road, which has received full environmental clearance, will run along I-15.

Wes Edens to link other “city pairs” in the future

Wes Eddins, founder of Brightline, described the project as “historic.”

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Brightline West is set to “lay the foundation for a new industry,” even if it is long overdue.

“It's a proud moment… as we begin work on America's first high-speed rail system… but the blueprint we've created with Brightline will allow us to replicate this model in other cities across the country.”

BrightLine West is just the latest example of connecting pairs of cities that are too short to fly and too far to drive across the country, with a similar project completed in 2018 to connect Central Florida and South Florida.

Contributing: James Powell

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