AT&T will close its flagship store in downtown San Francisco

A company spokesperson confirmed that AT&T will be closing its flagship store in downtown San Francisco.

The store at 1 Powell Street will close by August 1, AT&T spokesperson Chris Collins told SFGATE.

“Consumers’ shopping habits continue to change, and we change with them. That means serving customers wherever they are with the right mix of retail stores, digital channels and our phone-based care team.

The closure will leave San Francisco with 11 remaining AT&T stores, including a nearby store on Market and Fremont Streets. Collins said all employees affected by the shutdown will be offered jobs at various locations around the city.

AT&T isn’t the only carrier giant making similar moves outside of downtown: Last month, T-Mobile closed its Union Square flagship store. Since then, more shutdowns have hit the area: Cinemark shut down its movie theater in downtown San Francisco after news that Westfield would ditch the massive San Francisco mall on Market Street, where the theater is located.

The historic eight-story building at 1 Powell Street was built in 1921 as a replacement headquarters for Bank of America, then called the Bank of Italy, following the 1906 earthquake. It is located directly behind the Powell Street BART station, making it a convenient location for retail stores.

“We are proud of our continued presence in the community, not only through our retail stores but through our local investment in world-class connectivity with our 5G and fiber networks,” said Collins.

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