St. Vincent releases a frenetic new song called “Big Time Nothing”

St. Vincent released “Big Time Nothing” ahead of the release of her first self-produced record and seventh studio album, Every boy screamsscheduled for Friday.

“Don't blink / Don't wait / Don't walk / You're late / Don't fall from grace, act / Don't falter, Sashay,” St. Vincent sings over a fever dream beat, before declaring “I'm looking inside your eyes” and counting down to the next verse. “Don't show / Don't flake / Harden up, put yourself down / Don't make a dishonest mistake / Don't be sure I need therapy.”

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The Grammy winner released the LP's first single “Broken Man” in February and “Flea” in March. The album will be released via Virgin Music Group and is St. Vincent's first album since 2021 Daddy's house. According to a press release, the singer has collaborated with a “highly curated lineup” of artists including Dave Grohl and Josh Freese of Foo Fighters, Rachel Eckroth, Mark Guiliana, Justin Meldahl-Johnsen, Stella Mujzawa, David Ralek, and Cate Le Bon. , which features on Every boy screamsThe title track to close the album.

“There are some places, emotionally, that you can only get to by hiking in the woods alone — to really find out what your heart is saying,” St. Vincent previously said in a statement about Every boy screams. “It feels real because it's real.”


Saint Vincent will begin the tour on May 22 in Ventura, California at the Majestic Theater Ventura to celebrate the album's release, and will also stop in San Francisco, Boise, Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Toronto for several shows and festival appearances. . Spoon, Yves, Tumor, Earthheater, Dorian Electra and Momma will join her on the journey.

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