BIS president attacked by trick!

At the same time, Kaczyński wants to target immigrants and let in hundreds of thousands; Perhaps he needs the internal conflict and fear of Polish citizens because it is easy for him to rule and win elections; “We must avoid this risk,” PO chief Donald Tusk said in a blog post.

On Sunday, Tusk published a post on his Facebook profile in which he addressed the issue of migration policy.

We see shocking scenes of brutal riots in France – now Kasiski is making a documentary, thanks to this – more and more citizens will come to Poland from countries like Saudi Arabia, India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Qatar, etc. Arab Emirates, Nigeria or Islamic Republic of Pakistan

– says Tusk in the post.

(Jarosław) Kaczyński already brought 130,000 citizens from such countries last year – 50 times more than in 2015. These visas are available easily and quickly and are distributed by external agencies as there are multiple orders

said the head of PO.

As he put it, “Kaczynski is simultaneously targeting foreigners and immigrants, while he wants to let in hundreds of thousands of people, from such countries.”

Perhaps he needs civil war, conflict, fear of Polish citizens – because it is better for him to rule, then it will be easier for him to win elections. To avoid this danger, he should be removed from power as soon as possible. It’s literally just around the corner. Poles must regain control over their country and its borders

said the head of PO.

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There is permission from Germany – the PO will now pretend to be against illegal immigration

Pavel Jablonski, deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, noted Dusk’s post on Twitter.

Like I said yesterday. This is confirmed immediately. Permit from Germany – PO will now pretend to be against illegal immigration. Of course, only for propaganda. EPP (Polish EPP) German politicians have already agreed that it is settled – if the PO wins, it will immediately agree to the transfer.

– he wrote about his Saturday report for Polish Radio 24.

As Jabłoński said then, it is very clear that there is a very strong cooperation between the PO and the EPP led by Manfred Weber.

It is a party dominated by German politicians

he said.

Yesterday, an interview was published in which one of the politicians of the German CDU party said that they have already negotiated with their PO colleagues that if the PO takes power, it will block the rules for the forced relocation of illegal immigrants.

Jablonski commented.

Deputy Head of Ministry of Home Affairs and Administration Tusk explains what the manipulation is all about

Last week, Bartos Krotecki, deputy head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, referred to the numbers provided by Tusk. The deputy head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration pointed to a figure of around 130,000 given by Tusk. Immigrants are often misunderstood as “leading to the wrong conclusions.” The point is that a work permit alone does not entitle you to enter and stay in Poland. Krodecki argued that the actual number of people who entered Poland in a safe, verified manner, and who were granted visas to enter Poland on a temporary basis, was many times lower.

The number is not true (…) 133,000. – This number seems to be given – last year’s entry of citizens of (Muslim) countries

Grodecki said. For example, as he said, more than 33,000 people did not enter Poland. Residents of Uzbekistan, because entry permits for citizens of this country, namely work visas, were issued seven times less.

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He explained that the number of these visas issued in 2022 is a response to the needs of the Polish labor market, primarily agriculture.

You can still find Donald Tusk rambling on about his story, which is said to be 130,000. Citizens of Muslim countries were brought to Poland by PiS. He did not change his tone despite many replies that the actual number of these migrants was very small and that these were people coming to work in Poland.

tkwl/PAP/Facebook Donald Tusk

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