Iran: Government wants to introduce new sanctions. It’s all about eyelash and nail extensions

Iran International Portal, quoting “Etemad” newspaper, Ministry of Labor website where education standards for specific professions and occupations are published, Suddenly and without warning, the guidelines for makeup artists and manicurists disappeared.

According to Shark Newspaper, the removal of standards is a preventive measure by the government. Ministry of Labor also announced It quietly revokes the licenses of some makeup artists.

Iran is considering banning eyelash and nail extensions

This move is part of the government’s efforts Aimed at suppressing “un-Islamic” social behavior: More Iranian women appeared in public Without the government-mandated hair scarf (hijab – ed.) and coats that cover the entire body – Iran International explains.

The decision by the Iranian authorities may also lead to work in beauty salons Women will lose their own income.

The Iranian cosmetics industry is already suffering from strict regulations by the authorities. In the capital and the city of Mashhad during epidemics About 1/3 of the facilities were forced to close.

The UN condemns the authorities in Tehran. “This is gender apartheid.”

how We reported on SaturdayThe government in Tehran is also considering Enhancing penalties for non-compliance with orders He wears a traditional scarf.

On Friday, the UN issued a scathing statement on the parliament’s work, calling the new regulations “gender apartheid”.

“Abuse ‘Public morality’ Denying women and girls their freedom of expression deepens the legal force and expands gender-based discrimination and marginalization, which will have an even wider impact. Negative consequences for children and society as a whole” – We read in the report quoted by CNN.

Afghanistan: The Taliban have closed all beauty salons in the country

In turn, in Afghanistan, it is used More stringent laws derived from IslamThe Taliban, who rule the country, announced two months ago All beauty salons will be closed.

Western media assessed the decision as “another measure that will take away women’s jobs and lead to their loss.” Exclusion from public life.

Closures of beauty salons used to be part of it Taliban actionsWhen they were in power in the 1990s. After the American invasion, they were reopened. Giving jobs and freedom to many Afghan women.

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