Germany: Frank-Walter Steinmeier takes office as President. Elected by the Federal Assembly

Frank-Walter Steinmeier He won the first ballot.

Steinmeier’s rivals in Sunday’s election: Gerhard Trobert, A medical practitioner and left-wing candidate; Physicist Stephanie KepowerConservative free voter candidate and Max OtteAn economist and member of the CDU, however, he ran for the right-wing popular AfD.

Election of the President of Germany Federal Assembly It has 736 members from the Bundestock and 736 members appointed by the federal state parliaments.

Acting Chairman Frank-Walter Steinmeier He can be confident of victory because he enjoys the support of the ruling coalition SPD, the Greens and the FDP – and the Christian Democratic Union (CDU / CSU).

Steinmeier is popular with the public, and the majority supports his re-election. “However, implicitly the majority do not remember a single sentence of the federal president. Despite all his actions, his great reputation goes hand in hand with limited power,” says Die Zeit.

Including the president in Germany. Represents the state in the international arena and appoints federal ministers, federal judges and federal officials at the request of the Chancellor.


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