Bill Gates: “Vaccines are missing two things.” About microchip theory: Why should I do this?

Devi Sridhar, a professor at the University of Edinburgh and director of the Global Health Governance Program, was interviewed on Twitter by one of the world’s most influential people on Q&A, epidemiology, vaccination and community health. During the 45-minute conversation, Bill Gates presented his point Title Vaccines.

Vaccines and Bill Gates

“The vaccines we have are very effective in preventing serious illness and death, but they are missing two key vaccines. Items. First, they allow for more infections, and their duration seems shorter. We need vaccines to prevent re-infection and longevity, Gates quotes KeyWire service.

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Is it safe to vaccinate a person suffering from asymptomatic disease of Govt-19?

Bill Gates on Anti-Vaccine Theories and Microchips

When the topic of vaccines appeared during the conversation, there was also the question of anti-vaccine conspiracy theories. Since the world began to spread Corona virusBill Gates’ name is featured in anti-vaccine theories. He was charged with causing an infection and “deliberately trying to fit chips in people.” Of course, these studies have nothing to do with reality, but are immediately promoted by anti-vaccine activists.

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– People like me or Anthony Fauci (Chief Medical Consultant) President United States) We are often the target of many fake news. I was not expecting it. Some of them, like I put chips in my hands, I do not understand – why should I do this? Bill Gates explained that one of the main problems with infections is that misinformation about vaccines, masks, etc. exists on Facebook and other sites.

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Omigron and annual vaccines

During the discussion, Gates said the chances of another infectious strain appearing after the Omigran variant were very low. However, he said, “We have already been surprised many times during the epidemic.”

According to Gates, Omigron is not only the last dangerous variant of the corona virus, but also “good protection” for the future. According to the multi-billionaire, this variant could create a good setback for next year. Nevertheless, he predicts that Govt will vaccinate every year in the coming years.

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