Ukrainian specialists “clean the trenches” of the Russians. Watch the video

In the fighting on the Southern Front, the Ukrainian Armed Forces, in addition to units of the Ground Forces and Territorial Defense Forces, also engage military personnel of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. One such unit is the 73rd Marine Center for Special Operations, which was recently deployed from Ochaquiville “Cleaning the Russian trenches”.

Specialists from the 73rd Marine Special Operations Center were to man the trenches from the rear. by the enemy and taking him completely by surprise. The Ukrainian operators were eliminated after a short firefight 10 Russian Army.

Established in 1992 as the 7th Special Operations Squadron, since 2010 the unit has operated as the 73rd Maritime Special Operations Center.

The main domain of operations of the 73rd Maritime Center for Special Operations is the marine environment. Major tasks performed by soldiers belonging to this unit include reconnaissance operations, protection and capture of surface units and coastal structures, and sabotage operations.

During the first phase of the Russian occupation the 73rd Naval Special Operations Center from Ochakiv participated in the Battle of Ilovaisk (August 6-31, 2014) and the Battle of Debaltsevo (January 14-February 20, 2015).

In turn, from 2022, operators of the 73rd Maritime Special Operations Center are involved. In the battle for Gulpakino airfield in the Mykolayiv region and in the battle for Snake Island On the Black Sea. At present, they are engaged in offensive operations in the southern direction.

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Pavel Kryszak

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