“Archaeological Sensation” on a global scale in Switzerland – o2

The walls were discovered in the town of Cham in the canton of Zug in central Switzerland. Excavation of the gravel pit yielded fragments of plastered wall, iron nails, gold pieces, bowls, millstones, vessels and ceramic jugs called amphoras.

The Zug State Office of Monuments and Archeology said the find was an “archaeological sensation” on a global scale. It may shed new light on Roman activities in central Switzerland.

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The ruins cover an area of ​​500 square meters. However, it is not clear whether it was a residential villa or a temple building.

During excavations, archaeologists found evidence of an elite presence at the site. These include pieces of gold jewellery, Roman tableware and glassware. Amphorae, usually containing wine or olive oil, were also excavated.

Archaeologists have found several copper and bronze coins, including silver denarius minted during the time of Julius Caesar. The discovery of Roman walls is not the first discovery in the region. Archaeologists have previously discovered the remains of a Middle Bronze Age settlement, Late Bronze Age tombs and numerous Celtic period coins.

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