“Gladiator” of the Ukrainian sky. It is his soldiers who fear Putin like the plague!

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has real reasons to be proud. One of them was this airman. Rostislav Lazarenko was already created 300 sorties with Su-25 fighters is a record result when it comes to pilots of Ukrainian military aircraft.

“Glory to the Hero”

Anton Zerashchenko announced this fact on Twitter. He also included a photo of the pilot in the post and credited him with his many successful flights in the F-16 jet.

“Glory to the hero!” – Added an adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister.

“No plane is the same”

Lazarenko’s record 300th combat flight took place a few days ago – on May 13, the pilot’s wife said.

“Morning. I came back from a combat mission 40 minutes ago… This is my 300th combat flight. If anyone thinks that’s something to be proud of, they’re wrong. The emotions are completely different… Every time you feel fear, every time you take off, you think, will you return this time or will this be the last flight?

– said the pilot during a conversation with Army Inform.

Soldier noted No plane is the same. He directly stated that he did not want to remember some of them, and often saw fallen colleagues in his dreams. His account shows that even a damaged plane will not set him back because soldiers are trusted by their families, friends and above all the people of the country.

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Lazarenko emphasized “The main thought during fights is that it will not be alive. The desire is to save as many soldiers as possible and stop the Russians.”

It is worth adding here that Lieutenant Colonel Rostislav Lazarenko was one of the first soldiers to be awarded the Cross of Military Merit. In addition, he is a three-degree Knight of Bohdan Khmelnitsky and a third-degree Knight of the Order of Courage.

Source: niezalezna.pl, wp.pl, ArmyInform

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