America. Midterm 2022 Elections or Midterm Elections. Why are they so important?

On Tuesday, Americans will elect their representatives to the House of Representatives and some senators. Although the elections are about Congress, their name refers directly to the term of office of the President. Why are they so important?

Middle Ages. What does the name mean?

Mid-term elections in Poland Mid-term elections are sometimes called by-elections or by-elections. However, the easiest way – these are midterm elections – are in the middle of the current US president’s term.

US midterm elections. When are they held?

In the United States, Election Day is defined by law as “the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.” Practically, it is the Tuesday that falls between November 2 and 8.

Middle Ages. Who do Americans choose?

Contrary to the president’s mid-term note, he is not on the ballot. Midterm elections elect all 435 representatives of the U.S. House of Representatives and typically 33 or 34 of the 100 senators, or one-third of the U.S. Senate.

In the United States, the full body of the House of Representatives is elected every year for two-year terms. Meanwhile, the term of senators is 6 years, and as one-third of senators’ terms expire, one-third of senators are elected every two years (every even-numbered year). This year, 35 senators will be elected, and this is because two of them have announced their resignation during the current term – Kamala HarrisThe current vice president is Jim Inhofe, a Republican from Oklahoma.

Governors, state attorneys general, state and treasury secretaries, legislators, mayors and councilors will be elected on Tuesday. There will also be several local polls.

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Mid-term elections. Why are they so important?

They are important because they elect all the members of the House of Representatives and part of the Senate. They are considered to some extent as an assessment of the performance of the President and his Cabinet. They give voters a chance to directly show whether they think things are going in the right direction in the country. These elections largely determine how the US president’s career will play out over the next two years – until the next presidential election. If his political allies have a majority – on the one hand, it is a sign that the President’s will is well considered, and on the other hand, he has no problem with the US Congress approving the solutions he presents. The situation is different when the president’s political opponents gain the upper hand, often forcing him to revise at least some of his objectives.

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If medieval During their first presidential term (as they are doing now), they may influence elections for a second presidency. If it’s the second time, they might consider a successor.

Joe BidenPAP / EPA / Shan Div

As for the second term, there is sometimes talk of a discipline called the “crisis of the sixth year” or – as in the Americans – “the itch” (edition). This is a reference to the popular belief that relationships go through a crisis after seven years. For American presidents, the crisis is expected to come after six years. Wikipedia On its American side, during the second term mid-term elections, for most presidents, their Parties in Congress lost their seats. One of the exceptions was Bill Clinton, who picked up five seats in the House of Representatives for a second term, and remained on the Democratic side in the Senate.

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2022 mid-term elections. Why are they important this year?

Current mid-term elections This is the first serious summary of the president’s activities to date Joe Biden. What could become particularly important for our part of the world is the approach of future Congressional aid Ukraine. During the campaign, there were rumblings that Republicans would introduce tighter controls on aid spending to Ukraine — in the event of a victory. “I don’t want to write him blank checks,” said Kevin McCarthy, the Republican minority leader in Congress. But there is no consensus within the party. Some Republican leaders believe so America They should continue to help Ukrainians.

The BBC’s US correspondent Anthony Zurcher also notes that the mid-term elections coincide with a period of weak support for the current president’s policies. Concerns about the situation played an especially large role at the end of the campaign American economyHigh inflation and with it Rising interest rates. Another issue is parliamentary inquiries into opposition solutions. After Joe Biden is elected on January 6, 2021, while Democrats focus on the attack on the Capitol, Republicans are more likely to look to Joe Biden’s son’s business ties.

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Among the particularly significant consequences of Tuesday’s elections, Zurcher notes their potential impact on the daily lives of Americans. He cites abortion laws as an example. Both parties have already announced their bills on the issue. Democrats want to uphold women’s right to abortion, while Republicans plan to ban it after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

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