They referred to the country as “extremely extravagant”. Here’s what Poland looked like

Which country is sexually liberated? A company that evaluates and tests the quality of mattresses available in the market has developed a “Global Prosciency Index”. Data from 45 countries were analyzed. Know where Poland was.

Which country is the most sexually liberated, or even verifiable, as “prostitution”? Naplab, which evaluates and tests mattresses, has created the Global Promiscuity Index. This study analyzed data from 45 Krakow.

“Most profligate” country marked

When preparing the index, the researchers took into account various factors: the average age of sexual initiation in a particular country, the attitude to premarital sex, the average number of sexual partners, the attitude to sex work and the rate of sexually transmitted diseases.

Which country topped the list? According to research conducted by experts at Naplab, residents of Australia are the most sexually liberated. Up to 81 percent of the country’s residents either approve or disapprove of premarital sex. Another fact that makes Australia an open country is that sex work is legalized there and the rate of sexually transmitted diseases is very low.

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Interestingly, in terms of average number of sexual partners, Australia is second only to Turkey with 13.3 partners.

The sexual liberation of people in 45 countries was studied. This is how Poland became

Rounding out the top ten are: Brazil, Greece, Chile, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Thailand and South Africa. In turn, India is the least “prostitution” country, scoring the lowest in all categories selected.

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