Is the far right coming to power in Germany? It overtook Olaf Scholz’s party in the polls

It is clear that the Christian Democratic Party will be the strongest faction if the federal election is held this coming Sunday. As in the previous survey, the CDU can count on 29 percent. Support.

The AfD (Alternative for Germany) will reach 19 percent, the highest score ever recorded for this party in the ARD DeutschlandTrend poll (+1 percentage point compared to June 1, 2023).

The SPD will be relegated to third place by the AfD with 17 percent of the vote. votes (-1 percentage point). The Greens will regain 15 percent, and the FDP will drop to 6 percent after a recent surge. (-1 percentage point). The Left Party reached 4 percent, barely entering the Bundestag.

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