Alberto was sentenced. The rapper was convicted

Joseph Bratton lost to Vivior at Saturday’s Fame Friday 2 Gala. Alberto defends his brother, who starts talking about Joseph’s defeat, and challenges him to a fight. He responded to the proposal.

Alberto: “If Joseph trains, he will attack you”

The elder Simao stood firmly behind his brother, but he decided to tell fortunes with tea leaves. – Congratulations, you won. “Even so, Joseph doesn’t train, and if he did, he would have beaten you,” he said, then proposed a fight to Vivier.

– How does it happen, squirrel. If you want to fight me in MMA and lose the belt this year, go ahead. No problem. I weigh 84 kg. I did 85 three times for the fight and a kilo extra for the fight was no problem for me. If you want it so bad, I’ll crush you there and turn you into a knapsack, or throw you in a trunk and drive away with you in the same mess – he added.

A rapper with a negative record belittles Vivior and Medusa

Maskimilian Squirrel agrees to Alberto’s proposal. Like Medusa, was invited to the board by the rapper. Both are ready to face the rapper, who believes neither of them have great fighting skills.

– Squirrel, you’re putting yourself in a bind. Think again. (…) You and your funny MMA. In fact, no freak is good in MMA. Medusa or not you, squirrel. You always have amateurs in this field – Alberto, who has just one win to his name, has lost his last three fights.

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Wiewiór to Alberto: “Further separated from his brother”

Alberto wrote in a comment that he met Vivior after the fight. – I talked to him in the corridor of the hotel. He started explaining that he wouldn’t go out on K1 with me. I asked to fight for the MMA belt, but he and his friends stopped in fear, swallowed saliva and ran to the room – Alberto wrote.

– Oh Albert, Albert. You may be less communicative than your brother. What diapers, where did I piss? You only talked about K1. If you want to fight in MMA, I definitely can, Vivior replied.

At the end of the online debate, Alberto said that Vivior should now give Joseph a rematch and that he would tackle Medusa and then fight Vivior for the belt. Such a situation is unlikely, because Vyviorka does not want to take revenge on Joseph now. As he himself said, his opponent had to win a few fights first. We will also have to wait and see what combination the FAME MMA Federation will choose.

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