2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks to Buy Right Now That Could Make You a Millionaire

“We’ve seen a lot of exciting waves of technology in our industry — cloud, social, mobile — but this AI wave will be the biggest anyone has ever seen.” Sales force CEO Marc Benioff

The artificial intelligence (AI) boom is expected to be a highly lucrative opportunity for savvy investors. Here are two AI leaders who are particularly well positioned to deliver wealth-building gains for their shareholders in the coming years.

1. Palantir Technologies

Generative AI model makers like OpenAI are getting a lot of attention, but the best AI investments are likely to be analytics that can use AI to help companies get the most out of their data. Palantir Technologies (NYSE: BLT) Provides elite Machine learning The new, game-changing technology and AI platform that can do just that.

Palantir enables its customers to extract valuable insights from a variety of disparate data sources in real-time. Its tools are appreciated by the US military and many government agencies.

On May 30, the company won a contract with an initial order of $153 million — and additional awards of up to $480 million — to make its AI operating system available throughout the Department of Defense. The tools will enable leaders to “make better and faster decisions across the board at an unprecedented scale,” said Shannon Clark, head of defense growth at Palantir.

The new Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) has also been a huge success with private companies. For example, Tampa General, a leading academic health system, recently selected AIP as its core analytics and AI platform.

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Notably, Tampa General credits Palantir with helping it reduce the amount of time required to place patients in the hospital by 83%. “Reducing the time waiting for placement and reducing the length of stay not only enhances the patient experience, but gives us the opportunity to treat more patients who need care,” John Koris, CEO of Tampa General Hospital, said June 5.

These real-world advantages drive customers to Palantir. Its revenue rose 21% year-over-year to $634 million in the first quarter, fueled by a 69% increase in U.S. commercial customers. Better yet, net income reached $106 million, marking the sixth consecutive quarter of profitability.

However, Palantir’s total commercial customer base was just 262 as of March 31. That leaves plenty of room for expansion, and Wall Street seems to agree. Analysts expect Palantir’s profits to grow more than 85% annually over the next half-decade.

2. Advanced precision devices

Nvidia (Nasdaq: NVDA) It prevails among artificial intelligence Semiconductors Designers. But chip buyers are eager to support the competitor. They view competition as a way to boost supply and control high chip prices.

Enters Advanced micro devices (NASDAQ:AMD). This innovative chip maker has an aggressive plan to snatch market share from Nvidia and become a force in the booming AI industry.

AMD expects its data center chip revenue to grow to nearly $4 billion in 2024. For context, the company generated total revenue of $22.8 billion over the trailing 12 months. But that’s just scratching the surface of what AMD’s AI-related sales could soon become.

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CEO Lisa Su predicts that demand for chips that can accelerate AI workloads will rise to $400 billion by 2027.

Big chip buyers love Microsoft, Meta platforms, inspiration, Both OpenAI and OpenAI are reportedly planning to deploy AMD’s new AI accelerators in their data centers, according to CNBC.

AMD is also helping bring a wave of AI-powered PCs to the market. The chipmaker’s high-performance Ryzen 8040 Series processors will feature prominently in new AI-enabled PCs designed by HP And Dale.

With these lucrative opportunities in data centers and AI-powered computers fueling its growth, AMD is expected to grow its profits by more than 30% annually over the next five years. Buy shares today, and you can profit alongside this ambitious AI powerhouse.

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