39-year-old Polish woman raped in India

The 39-year-old Polish woman came to India on a tourist visa in May. He appeared in McLeodganj two weeks ago. She was about to meet Karthik Chauhan who molested her at a local shop.

A man who owns several rooms in McLeodganj offers to rent them out to a Polish woman. The woman agreed as she could not find a place to stay for a long time.

According to “The Indian Express” website, the man promised her marriage and then raped her. The drama reportedly took place in a rented apartment.

Karthik Chauhan, a resident of Upper Paksu in Dharamshala, was arrested on Friday, a day after a 39-year-old Polish woman lodged a complaint with the police. Forensic experts must secure samples from the rape room. Indian police have confirmed that the accused is still under investigation. The Polish embassy was also informed about the crime.

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