Intel will spend $100 billion to build the world's largest AI chip factory

US semiconductor maker Intel wants to build “the world's largest artificial intelligence chip manufacturing site”, in a new five-year expansion worth US$100 billion. Plan.

The chipmaker is, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told reporters this week I focused on construction The manufacturing site is on empty land near Columbus, Ohio, one of four states in which the company invests and operates It could start as early as 2027.

Big chip bets

Included in Intel's $100 billion spending spree: Nearly $20 billion In federal funding and loans from the US government, provided by the Biden administration's Chips and Science Act. Passed in August 2022, the law focuses on Investing in American semiconductor companies To regain dominance in the chip industry race. Intel is scheduled to receive up to $8.5 billion in direct government funding, and is eligible for up to $11 billion in federal loans.

Intel's funding was announced by the US Department of Commerce on Wednesday (March 20), and It will support the chipmaker's plans to expand its semiconductor presence in the United States through chip manufacturing plants in Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio and Oregon over the next five years.

“Today is a victory for America’s national economy, but also for our national security,” Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said Wednesday at a news conference. advertisement Featuring US President Joe Biden at Intel's Ocotillo campus in Chandler, Arizona. “In the modern world, everything depends on chips. Every aspect of humanity has become digital, and depends on chips. Their production shapes the future of all humanity.

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Gelsinger also pointed out US chip war with ChinaSaying the funding shows that “America will not give up its leadership to our competitors.” He added that the United States needs to regain its leadership, “especially with the turbo acceleration that artificial intelligence is bringing to our world.” Although the United States has been a leader in semiconductor development, it produces them Less than 10% of the world's chips todayaccording to the US White House, and has no hand in the most advanced semiconductors currently available.

The company's investment in U.S. semiconductor factories is expected to create about 80,000 jobs, including corporate and construction jobs, and indirect jobs for suppliers and nearby industries, Gelsinger said. Intel said it plans to take advantage of an investment tax credit through the US Treasury of up to 25% on more than $100 billion in eligible investments.

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