Media: US urges Ukraine to avoid a target in Russia

According to media reports, Washington fears that the drone attacks will prompt Russia to retaliate and cause a spike in global oil prices.

The US demands that Ukraine not attack energy infrastructure in Russia. Washington fears oil market instability – media reports Representatives of the Russian and Ukrainian authorities commented on this information.

Citing its sources, the Financial Times reported that the US has called on Ukraine to stop attacks on Russia's critical infrastructure. Washington fears the drone strikes will provoke Russia into retaliating World oil price rise.

The US warning is to be sent to senior security officials Representatives of the Intelligence and Security Service of Ukraine.

US pressure on Kiev? Ukraine and Russia concept

On Friday, a Kremlin spokesman commented on the media reports.

– This is an American affair. “We want the United States to call on the regime in Kiev to desist from terrorist activities against civilian targets and residential buildings,” he said. Dmitry Peskov.

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As Reuters points out, Vladimir Putin's spokesman often had the Ukrainian shelling in mind. Belgorod On February 15, at least 26 people died.

Meanwhile, Russian shelling of Ukraine has killed many thousands of civilians.

Reuters cites representatives of the administration of the Ukrainian Ministry of Euro-Atlantic Integration, according to which “Russian oil refineries Formal targeting of Ukrainian forces“.

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