Zhelensky parted ways. They only communicate over the phone

They have been living apart for more than a month. Olena Zelenska maintains telephone contact with her husband, the President of Ukraine. In an interview with American television CNN, the first lady spoke about the backstory of that relationship and the Ukrainians with war experience. “We are all number one goals,” Zhelenska warned.

Christian Amanpur of CNN interviewed the first lady via email. Olena Zelenska has been speaking to reporters since the war broke out Only in writing, for fear that the Russians would intercept the phone conversation and find out its location. The wife of the President of Ukraine and Zhelensky had previously promised that they would stay in their country and not want to leave it. However, the American television station Zhelenska reported this She had not lived with her husband for a month.

Vladimir and his entourage actually reside in the presidency. Due to risk My children and I were banned from staying there. Thus We have only been talking on the phone for over a month She explained.

“Zhelensky is a great father and the same president of Ukraine,” the first lady insisted.

He has not changed. More and more people saw him with my own eyes – She argued.

Children of the presidential couple: 17-year-old Alexandra and 9-year-old Girilla – currently living with their mother.

At that time (since the outbreak of war in Ukraine – the author’s note), a lot of children grew up. They feel responsible for each other and those around them – She said.

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We tell them everything that happens. When I watch children’s interviews on Buxa or listen to the stories of my friends, I feel that children understand everything better than adults. They see the essence – Zelenska added. The Ukrainian president’s wife admitted, “He feels like he’s walking on a rope now.”

If you start thinking about how to do this, you will lose time and balance. Because, To survive, you must constantly go and do what you do. As far as I know, all Ukrainians are sticking the same way – She agreed.

“Thank you for having Ukrainians among your people.” Ołena Zelenska shows photos from Poland

Previously, Zelenska handled, among other things, education. Shortly before the outbreak of war, he began nutritional reform in Ukrainian companies. Now the priorities have changed.

We expel most vulnerable children and orphans to countries that agree to accept them for treatment and rehabilitation. The main route passes through Poland and from there to other European countries – Zelenska explained. The first lady also takes care of bringing incubators to her country.

Power outages in many hospitals have endangered the lives of children. Because We need life-saving devices. Two such devices have already been delivered, and eight incubators are planned to be delivered – She said. Refugees from Ukraine are the first woman to try to support them in the new places where they are staying.

Children need rapid socialization in a new place. This is especially true for the thousands of autistic children who have gone abroad. Along with the embassies, we also coordinate pro-Ukraine events. During several international concerts, funds have already been raised for humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainians – She said.

Dramatic situation in Mariupol. More than 100,000 people waiting to be evicted

Zhelenska stressed that it was important that the topic of war in Ukraine did not become commonplace.

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So our victims should not be left as mere numbers in statistics. That’s why I interact with people through foreign media. Do not get used to our suffering! – She appealed.

If we look at it, it becomes clear that the goal of the Russians is every Ukrainian: every woman, every child. The people who died recently from the Russian rocket attack while trying to leave Kramatorsk were not members of the presidential family, they were simply Ukrainians. So to the enemy, the number one target is each of us – Said Olena Zhelenska. According to the First Lady, the level of Russian propaganda is often compared to Goebbels’ World War II propaganda.

However, in my opinion it is much higher because in those days there was general access to the internet and information today. Now everyone can see the war crimes with their own eyes – for example, the war crimes committed by the Russians in Pucha, where the bodies of civilians lay with their hands tied in the streets. But that is the problem The Russians do not want to see what the whole world sees. You need to feel more comfortable. After all, it’s easier to have a cup of coffee saying “everything is fantasy” than to read the story of a particular person who died and look at their relatives and friends in grief. – Zelenska insisted.

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