Russia – Ukraine. What were the losses of the Russians, and how many Russian soldiers died in the war? Ratings

90 per cent of the best air forces and two-thirds of high-precision missiles – such casualties have already been suffered by Russia during the two-month-long invasion, according to Cristo Grosse, head of the Bellingate Intelligence Portal. Ukraine. The columnist quoted these estimates in an interview with TV Ukraine 24. According to Grozew, “Under such circumstances, the situation in the lead could change in Ukraine’s advantage in the next 2-3 weeks.”

– In the first phase of the war, the Russian army lost 90 percent of the best air force. This is the most important part of an exceptionally well-trained, armed force, without which strategically important facilities and the capital cannot be controlled. Later, the Russians lost most of their so-called second-line troops – about 4,000 soldiers were killed. Many of them are experienced military personnel who are ready to take part in the fighting, the head of the intelligence portal Cristo Grosev told Ukraine 24 television on Sunday.

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According to Chief Bellingcat, without announcing a general mobilization, Russia is now preparing to deploy 60-70 tactical battalion groups with “unknown combat quality” against Ukraine.

When the front situation turns in favor of Ukraine

According to Grozew, Russia has lost 2/3 of all high-precision missiles so far.

He also pointed out that according to his information, there are only 30-40 personnel handling this type of Russian missiles. – Ukraine not only fires these missiles, but also contributes to the identification of those who can direct these weapons. However, the production of such a missile would take a very long time – about a month – the intelligence journalist estimated.

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According to Grozew, “Under such circumstances, the situation on the front lines could change in Ukraine’s in the next 2-3 weeks.”

Destroyed tank in Ukrainian Derkachi EPA / Maria Senovila

The Bellingcat Intelligence Portal was founded in 2014 by British journalist Elliott Higgins. Since January 2022, the President of Bellingate has been the Bulgarian journalist Cristo Grossu. In 2019, Groshev was awarded the European Press Prize Investigation Report Award for his publications on the involvement of Russian services in an attempt to poison a former Russian military intelligence officer in Great Britain. Sergei Skribal.

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Main photo source: EPA / Maria Senovila

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