Zhelensky: I want everyone in Moscow to realize that the time has come

“We will defeat all, because we are the independent people of a free country,” Zhelensky said and stressed that security measures were being prepared throughout the day. – I support everything our nation needs. I want all citizens to work for the country, not for the government, he said.

– We do everything to ensure that every family has a basis for life – stressed the President of Ukraine.

He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Russia. – This is a completely conscious trick. They have a clear mandate: everything must be done to turn the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukrainian cities into an argument in their favor – he said.

– They are all responsible for war crimes. He pointed out that all Russians who issued such orders and every Russian soldier who carried out such orders would face responsibility.

“I want everyone in Moscow to realize that the time has come.”

– Destructive sanctions are about Russia. And we are forming an alliance of countries that have hitherto been considered neutral. Talks are also underway on peace and security in Ukraine. This is the only chance to reduce the damage to Russia’s home state. We have always relied on negotiation. We have always proposed dialogue and peaceful decisions, Zhelensky continued.

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– I want everyone in Moscow to realize that it is finally time for us to talk, meet, and return to regional integration and justice. You will see how it will be on the side of Russia – he said.

He also noted that Friday marks the anniversary of the occupation of Crimea in Russia. – They celebrated the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. The corpses of all these people. Such are the Russian casualties in connection with this invasion – he said.

Zhelensky also thanked Mariupol’s defenders, who have been “subjected to the most difficult test in the history of Ukraine.”

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