England. She is the youngest grandmother in the country. Her grandson is already five years old

Bailey was born in August 2018. Her mom, 14-year-old Skye Salter, didn’t find out she was pregnant until she was 36 weeks along. The boy’s grandmother is Kelly Healy, making her Britain’s youngest grandmother.

Now 35, the woman still proudly wears the unofficial title she earned five years ago and takes pride in family photos with the media.

The youngest grandmother in Great Britain. His grandson’s mother was a young woman

Healy discovers her teenage daughter is accidentally pregnant. Along with four siblings, the girl lived with her stepmother and father in Cranford, West London.

She wanted to wear an IUD, so she took a pregnancy test before going to the gynecologist. According to the Daily Mail, she was soon sent to West Middlesex Hospital in Isleworth, where she underwent an ultrasound. To the mother-to-be’s surprise, she was revealed to be 36 weeks pregnant.

Skye’s young age prevented the abortion. However, he later admitted that he had not considered this solution.

“When I saw his heartbeat on the monitor screen, I instantly fell in love with him. I realized that from now on he will be at the forefront and I will be in the background – he said in an interview with “The Sun”.

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Despite everything, Skye was shocked by the news about the baby. – I was stunned. I had a sneaking feeling that I might be pregnant, so I suggested a test. Dad was a local boy my age,” the now 18-year-old explained.

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Meanwhile, Healy told the media that her own mother was not ready to become a great grandmother at the age of 48. But she took the news in stride.

“Friends mistake my grandson for my son”

In an interview with a British magazine, she said, “There’s no point in yelling at my daughter about safe sex and contraception. What’s done is that I can give her my love and support. When you’re a mother, you have to deal with it.”

The 35-year-old admits she still acts like a 20-year-old, so she sometimes feels the role of a grandmother “doesn’t suit her”. “My friends find it funny that I have a grandson. They always confuse him with my son,” she admitted.


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