Yellow and blue clothes of Russian astronauts. Translated by Roscosmos

Photos of the three Russian astronauts went around the world and sparked a wave of comments. We remind you that on Friday evening the Russian company Roskosmos’ Olek Artemzhev, Denis Madvizhev and Sergei Korsakov departed from Pykonor Cosmotrome in Kazakhstan. Their goal was to join the mission at the International Space Station.

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Their Soyuz MS-21 arrived at the station smoothly and safely, and the astronauts were joined by two Russians, four Americans and a German who was already in orbital outpost. When they boarded the orbital outpost, they were flying in yellow and blue, similar to the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Many interpreted this as a gesture of solidarity with the country under Russian attack. Although the Russian astronauts said nothing about their costume politics, it was hard to believe it was a coincidence.

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Overall selected six months ago. Support for Putin from space

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However, now the Russian space agency has addressed the whole situation. Roscomos announced that the astronauts’ costumes were selected six months ago and that their choice was not accidental – they were not the flag of Ukraine, but the colors of the emblem of the Baman State Technical University in Moscow.

“The new crew’s flight suits are made in the colors of the logo of the Baman State Technical University in Moscow, which was completed by three astronauts” – wrote the space agency.

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At the same time, Dmitry Rogozin, director general of Roscosmos, stressed in a telegram that the astronauts had “no sympathy for the Ukrainian nationalists.” Also, during a press conference, one of them expressed his support for Vladimir Putin and the Russians.

“Sometimes color is just color. It has nothing to do with Ukraine. Nowadays, even though we are in space, we are together with our president and people,” said Oleg Artemjiev.


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