Georgia. Crowd on the streets of Tbilissi. The fate of the country’s candidacy for the EU is even more important. “We trust the support of Poland” | World News

Protesters took to the streets of Tbilisi with the slogan “Home to Europe”. Georgians gathered at the Rustaveli Prospectus appealed to the European Commission to change its mind. Georgia Candidate status – as done Case Ukraine and Moldova.

“We trusted Europe more than the others,” the protesters wrote in a special statement. “Now that we are so close to the most important step on our European path, we hope you will trust us too” – they stressed.

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Some of the participants in the street action accused the European Commission of regulating Georgian authorities, which in recent years has been criticized for violating civil liberties, including: opposition to media freedom, transparency of the electoral process and respect for rights.

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President of Georgia: We trust support for the path to Europe

European Commission Last week, the EU issued a favorable opinion on granting Ukraine the status of a candidate country. This level is the first step to becoming a member of the community. The final decision in this matter rests with the member states. European leaders are expected to discuss the issue at a summit in Brussels on Thursday.

The Commission also recommended the status of the candidate country for Moldova. On the other hand, in the case of Georgia, it was over for now It’s too soon for that, because the necessary reforms are needed first.

Georgian President Salome Surabishvili on Monday appealed to European leaders to support the country’s integration into society. The first appeal he made on Twitter was addressed to the Polish president, Andrew Pipe pipe.

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– Georgia and Poland are connected by a tragic common past, the past of occupation, the departure from the European family. At this time, as always, we believe in the support, unity and brotherhood of Poland, which will support our way to Europe – he said.


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