Kuleba believes that Ukraine may attack Crimea with American weapons

Ukraine has pledged to the US that it will not use US-supplied weapons Attacking targets in Russia.

According to Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, the agreement with the United States does not apply to Crimea, which is “internationally considered a territory of Ukraine.”

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry insisted that Kyiv would never agree to a peace treaty with Moscow if Crimea and Donbas remained under Russian control.

Kuleba: Don’t fear the disintegration of Russia

“Ukraine will recover all its territories, including Crimea, some by military means, others by diplomatic means,” Kuleba said. He also appealed to the nations of the world not to fear the disintegration of Russia.

“Instead of thinking about how to help Russia survive and become a normal member of the international community, it is time to accept that this Russia cannot be a normal member of the international community,” he said.

In October, “WSJ” reported that Washington, despite persuasive requests from Kiev, refuses to transfer ATACMS missiles with a range of about 300 kilometers due to disagreements about possible attacks on targets in Crimea.

Annexation of Crimea

Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. An illegal “referendum” was held in the presence of the military, and the peninsula was later declared a part of the Russian Federation. According to Moscow, 97 percent. Residents of the Crimea and 95 percent. He wanted to join Russia in Sevastopol.

For eight years, international law and the UN Russian propaganda has repeatedly claimed that the peninsula’s residents voted for democratic reunification with Russia, as per the charter. According to President Vladimir Putin, the issue of Crimea is “finally closed”.

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Maintaining the annexed peninsula is one of the key conditions Russia will set for Ukraine ahead of possible peace talks. The authorities in Kiev do not want to admit this – they consider Crimea a temporarily occupied territory.

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