Wisconsin OT Logan Brown was sacked before the transfer was announced: Leonard

Madison, Wisconsin – Wisconsin attack interference Logan Brown He was excluded from the program due to an “internal accident,” interim coach Jim Leonard told reporters Thursday morning. Brown had posted a tweet Wednesday night saying he was entering the transfer gate.

“It wasn’t an option,” Leonhard said. He was expelled from our programme.

Brown declined to comment when contacted by phone Thursday morning.

Brown, a member of the Wisconsin Career 2019 category, became the program’s first five-star user in 12 years. It is rated at 247Sports Composite as the No. 4 offensive tackle and the No. 17 potential offensive tackle overall in the country. He missed his first season with a tear in his left shoulder and played 58 shots as a red jersey rookie in 2020 and 70 backup shots last season.

Brown was in a position to earn the right tackle role in Wisconsin to open the season but lost his spot to a freshman. Riley Mahlan And later to a sophomore Tree Widge After Mahmoud was injured. Brown has appeared in all six games for Wisconsin this season with three appearances – two on the right tackle and one on the left tackle. He played 18 shots last Saturday against North West Packaged as a tight end included for the hamper.

Leonard was asked if he could provide any more information about the situation that led to Brown’s sacking.

“It’s not like that at this time,” Leonhard said.

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