Guide for Google Pixel Watch Bands pairings with faces

The Pixel Watch is powered by an accessory wide band and group faces, and Google has delightfully created a pairing guide of sorts.

For example, the default Active Band Made of “water-resistant fluoro rubber with a soft-touch coating” that makes it “durable and comfortable”. Google says it “goes along well with” analog face It is described as “simple yet elegant”, with a single circular servo slot supported. Most Google ads use this combination.

Active range is available at obsidianAnd the coalAnd the chalkAnd the hazelnutand Lemongrass, but eventually launched into Coral, which may have been Leaked in an email in Google Play.

The stretch band (Linen, rose, obsidian), which is Isabel Olson (Senior Director, Wearable Design, Nest, and CMF via Google Devices) Equal To a comfortable pair of sneakers, is best with ‘Large Numbers of Big Time watch face. In fact, the different colors of the hours and minutes highlight the two-tone nature of the bracelet:

“It really stretches and fits your life,” Olson says. quite literally. When the strip is expanded, it introduces a glimpse into another color, highlighting the texture.

Inspired by the clothes, the woven band (lemongrassAnd the coralAnd the ivyAll goes well with vista vista that show the time and illustrate the landscape. As with the other tissue band, “the [watch face] The colors also coordinate with the colors of the gamut.”

Pixel watch leather bands (two tones And the made) Goes well with any of prime watch face (which is said to be for print lovers because Google Sans) or information-filled face request And four complexity slots.

Finally, there is Metal Mesh And Metal Tie Strips Coming in the spring of 2023, although we You already know the price:

classic It has a regular watch as well as the date and weather in a design that suggests more traditional watches. Concentric It has a more technical look, with digital time and rows of numbers common on diving watches.

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