Western Special Forces Inside Ukraine, Leak Shows

  • Written by Paul Adams and George Wright
  • BBC News

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Watch: The Pentagon Leaks Explained in Under 60 Seconds.

The presence of Western special forces in Ukraine has been the subject of quiet speculation for more than a year. But this has not been confirmed yet.

The documents, some of which have been described as “top secret”, paint a detailed picture of the war, including highly sensitive details of Ukraine’s preparations for a spring counteroffensive against Russian forces.

One document sparked widespread interest.

It says the UK is among a number of countries that have special forces operating in Ukraine. According to the document dated March 23, the UK has the largest group (50), followed by Latvia (17), France (15), the US (14) and the Netherlands (1).

The document does not say where the forces are located or what they are doing.

Staff numbers may be small, and will undoubtedly fluctuate. But special forces, by their very nature, are very effective. Their presence in Ukraine will likely be taken advantage of by Moscow, which has argued in recent months that it is not just against Ukraine, but also NATO.

In keeping with its standard policy on such matters, the UK Ministry of Defense did not comment, however in a tweet On Tuesday, he said the leak of alleged classified information showed what it called a “dangerous level of inaccuracy”.

“Readers should be careful with claims of face value that have the potential to spread misinformation,” she said.

He did not elaborate or suggest the specific documents he was referring to. However, Pentagon officials have been quoted as saying the documents are genuine.

One of the documents, which detailed the number of victims suffered in Ukraine on both sides, appears to have been tampered with.

The UK Special Forces are made up of several elite military units with distinct areas of expertise, and are considered to be among the most capable forces in the world.

The British government has a policy of not commenting on its own forces, unlike other countries including the United States.

The United Kingdom has been vocal in its support of Ukraine, which is the second largest donor of military aid to Kiev after the United States.

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