Death of Emanuela Orlandi. His brother Pietro Orlandi met with the Vatican prosecutor

The case of the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, one of Italy’s most disturbing, opened a new chapter on Tuesday, Reuters reported. In 1983 the missing teenager’s brother met with Vatican prosecutor Alessandro Titti, who Pope Francis granted “maximum freedom of action” in clarifying the case. “Today was a great day,” Pietro Orlandi told reporters.

Emanuela Orlandi, daughter of a Vatican official, disappeared on June 22, 1983. A 15-year-old boy left home for flute lessons and never returned. Over four decades, many theories have emerged about his fate. Investigators speculated that he might have been abducted by the mafia or might have been a negotiator in the struggle to free Ali Agha from prison.

Her attacker, Pope John Paul II, made eight public appeals to the kidnappers for the girl’s release. What ultimately happened to Orlandi has not been determined to this day.

In January, the Vatican made a surprise announcement that Holy See investigators would officially investigate the case. On Tuesday afternoon, the promoter of justice met Alessandro Titti, a lawyer at the Vatican tribunal, accompanied by the brother of missing Pietro Orlandi and the family’s lawyer, Laura Scro. “Today is a big day,” Orlandi told reporters shortly before entering the expected meeting announced before Easter.

Pietro Orlandiforum

Lawyer Didi: The Pope wants a full explanation of the case

“Corriere della Sera” recalls that Emanuela’s brother previously made an official request to meet with the prosecutor to share the materials he had collected – testimonies, alleged evidence.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, before meeting with Orlandi, the lawyer DD insisted that both Pope Francis and Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Barolin had given him “maximum freedom of action to conduct a wide-ranging inquiry without any conditions and with a firm invitation”. Get over anything.”

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Asked if there was a strong desire on the part of the Pope to get to the truth about Emanuela Orlandi, he replied that “the desire and the iron will of the Pope and the Secretary of State is to clarify the matter completely.”

The mysterious disappearance of the 15-year-old daughter of a Vatican official has shocked RomeTVN24

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Brother Emanuela Orlandi: The Vatican does not need long investigations because they know the truth

Brother Emanuela Orlandi wrote on social media about the start of the investigation by Vatican investigators in January: “The investigation into the abduction of Emanuela, now launched after 40 years, will be very short, if it is honest and willing. Give justice to Emanuela, there is no need for long investigations in the Vatican, because they know the truth, they do it. If not, I believe they will be called to testify as soon as possible.”

“I cannot be satisfied with the current situation. Always, I like to think positively and see the glass as half full,” he added.

In early April, Pietro Orlandi admitted to the Italian La7 television program that “there are documents confirming the young man’s departure to Great Britain and the fees the Vatican authorities paid for the girl’s stay in the convent there.”

“I have never spoken about this publicly before, but I do know that high-ranking people in the Vatican and English institutions have had some relationship with my sister’s case,” he added.

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Italian MPs want to investigate Emanuela Orlandi case

In March, the Italian parliament voted in favor of setting up a commission of inquiry to examine the missing files of Orlandi and Mirella Gregory, who disappeared from Rome a month before Emanuela.

The commission will consist of 20 representatives and 20 senators – who will question lay people and clergy who have not testified before during the many trials conducted by the Romanian prosecutor’s office. As a result of the requests directed by the Emanuela family and the series that appeared on the popular streaming platform at the beginning of January this year, the initiation of new procedures and the work of the Vatican began.

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