Watch Jack Black Singh’s ‘Anti-Hero’ by Taylor Swift almost naked

It’s not always hard to root for an anti-hero, at least when the anti-hero is Jack Black. On Wednesday night, the actor and comedian took his time during the Give Back-ular Spectacular! Show at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles to serenade attendees with a little Taylor Swift.

After stripping down to just his underwear and socks and then doing some crowd work, Black asked the crowd for requests. A few people asked for suggestions, and after turning down one song — “We’re on strike,” he says — he stuck to a song he could do. “I know it, everyone knows it Which Silly song.” Then he launches into Swift’s song, saying, “It’s me, hey, I’m the problem, it’s me…” He even dances a little, and it’s just something you have to see yourself to believe. Are you ready for it?

Black was one of more than two dozen celebrities who appeared at the event, which served as a fundraiser for TV and film crews as the SAG-AFTRA strike continues. It was billed as “an evening of music and comedy” — two things Black excelled at in mere seconds — and featured Jason Alexander, Halle Berry, Lily Tomlin, Lil Dicky, Bryan Cranston, Patton Oswalt, and many more.


A website for the event stated that “crew members have been without pay for more than six months.” “Many are facing serious financial hardship: losing their homes, losing health insurance, and struggling to feed their families. The Give Back-ular is amazing! You will raise emergency relief funds for both union and non-union crew members in need due to work stoppages.

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SAG-AFTRA negotiations are set to resume this week on Tuesday, according to NME. The WGA Writers Guild strike ended a month ago.

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