War in Ukraine. US intelligence: Putin still hopes to win

Military checkpoint in central Kiev. Checks the car.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat is an attempt to discourage the West from aiding Ukraine,” US Director of National Intelligence Avril Hines said Tuesday. “Putin still believes he can defeat Ukraine,” he added.

According to US Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes, Putin gives the impression that he is not worried about the loss of his forces in Ukraine and that he can continue his occupation. The head of US intelligence estimates that there are already thousands of deaths in both forces.

Haynes: Putin cannot be intimidated

The head of the National Intelligence Agency stressed that despite the economic crisis as a result of the failure of military operations and international sanctions, Putin was unlikely to be intimidated and could step up his attack on Ukraine.

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“Our analysts believe that such failures are unlikely to motivate Putin and instead provoke his aggression,” Haynes told the House of Representatives.

His view is that Russia will continue to spread misinformation about Ukraine.

Ukrainian intelligence: order to bomb civilians

Russia’s military command is issuing orders to bomb civilian infrastructure and residential areas, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense’s Intelligence Directorate (Military Intelligence – GUR MO) said on its website on Tuesday.

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– In addition, contrary to the campaigners’ promises, the bomber did not use precision weapons, but OFAB-250-270, FAB-500 and OFZAB-500 unmanned bombs. It causes significant loss to the public and destroys the infrastructure of the citizens. Such bombings in the invading army are another apparent crime against humanity. “

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Stoltenberg: Can conflict erupt?

The Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Coalition said on Tuesday that the West should stop escalating the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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“We must do everything we can to prevent this conflict from spreading beyond Ukraine,” NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg told a news conference in Riga.


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