War in Ukraine. The Russian military sends stolen goods from Mosir to Russia

Recorded Saturday, April 2nd In hours 11.30-15.00. “You can see the army sending televisions, air conditioners, hoods, electric scooters, alcohol, car batteries and other supplies,” it said in a statement. In the picture you can see along with the pie Logo of the Ukrainian Epicenter store.

According to Modolka, there are patches on the players’ uniforms 56th Guards of the Russian Air Force Attack and Assault Regiment (Based on occupied Crimea).

After the video was released, the blogger reported that the webcam was at the point CDEK in ul. Qubishev in Mosir was closed.

In turn, the Internet Our Niva iAccording to the Telegram, local transport companies are receiving a large number of reports, citing unofficial information provided by taxi drivers to the editorial office from Komal on the border with Ukraine. “Freight” to Russia.

Ukrainian military personnel say Russian troops are threatening people in occupied territories in late March, as well as They steal cars and food. “Occupiers are constantly intimidating people and looting occupied territories,” the statement said. Staff said Russian soldiers were stealing. Cars, food too Other “Material Resources”.

Similar information was provided by emergency services. At that time, the Bukhani district in the Kiev region was identified as the most vulnerable to violence by Russian soldiers. – The situation in the villages of the Bukov region is not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, The invaders caused a humanitarian catastrophe – Services report.

“According to locals The invaders are stealing, They kill, Rape Citizens, the documents of our citizens are being checked “- it was written.

Services also warned The Russians blocked all means of supplying water, food and medicine.

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