War in Ukraine. Ursula van der Leyen called for rapid arms supply to Ukraine

“It simply came to our notice then Ukraine She can survive In a fierce defensive battle with RussiaSaid Van der Leyen in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”.

“I do not distinguish between heavy and light weapons. Ukraine must get what it needs to defend itself And it’s capable of handling anything, “he said President of the European Commission.

Van der Leyen warned European citizens about the protracted armed conflict. “We must do everything we can to bring it to an end as soon as possible.

As for the most important points Sixth EU sanctions against RussiaIt is currently being prepared, “We are still looking at the banking sector, in particular SberbankHe represents himself 37 percent in the Russian banking sectorOh. “Of course it’s about energy issues,” he added.

The most important goal, she said Putin’s income reduction.

When it comes crude oil – She said – It’s about creating “smart mechanisms” Russia’s products are not well priced in countries other than the European Union. Work is underway for such solutions – the head of the European Commission stressed.

Van der Lion The German government defended itself against accusations that it was easing sanctions.

Germany has been supporting Ukraine for many years And agreed to all five permit packages we proposed within 48 hours. Never before EU She did not act as unanimously, decisively, and with much determination as she does now. Germany They did their part, “he said.

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