The first EU leader to meet Putin since the invasion of Ukraine said the Russian leader “believes he is winning the war”

Russian President Vladimir Putin.Mikhail Svetlov / Getty Images

  • Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer was the first European Union leader to meet with Putin since the invasion.

  • Nahamer told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the conversation was “candid and difficult.”

  • He also said that Putin “follows his war logic” and believes Russia is winning the war.

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said Russian President Vladimir Putin is somewhat confident of his military campaign in Ukraine, even after Russian forces withdrew from part of the country after weeks of stagnation.

It became Nahamer on Monday First EU leader to meet Putin Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. In an interview with Meet the Press on NBC On Saturday, Nahamer said the conversation with Putin was not “friendly” but “frank and tough”.

“I think he is now with his own logic of war. He believes that war is necessary to ensure security for the Russian Federation. He does not trust the international community. He blames the Ukrainians for the genocide in the Donbass region.”

When asked by host Chuck Todd if Putin thought he was winning the war, Nahamer said he thought “he thought he was winning the war.”

Niemer said earlier this week that he was “not particularly optimistic after my talks with Putin.”

Nahamer said during an interview Press Conference in Moscow. He sees it as a kind of self-defense operation of the Russian Federation. They are called special military operations. And I call it war.

Russian forces They withdrew from areas around Kyiv Earlier this month after failing to capture the Ukrainian capital, it was dealt another blow this week after Battleship Moskva He was hit by a Ukrainian missile and drowned.

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Russian forces were reassemble What is expected to be a new attack in the eastern Donbass region.

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