War in Ukraine. Tragic consequences of Russian attacks. The public suffered

On Monday, the Russians launched serious attacks in several parts of Ukraine. There were many of them Aimed at civilian objects Unfortunately, the victims included children. A missile hit a residential building in the Poltava commune.

“Tough evening for the Poltava region Five peopleincluding three children,” wrote the head of the Poltava region, Philip Bronin, on the Telegram channel.

Due to this the house caught fire. Thanks to the work of the relevant services, a dangerous person was rescued from a nearby building. Eventually, many houses were damaged in the attack.

The Ukrainian Suspline channel, citing its own correspondent, said that Russia had also attacked in Poltava. Two storey accommodation. According to this evidence, there must be injury 10 more peopleAnd one died.

War in Ukraine. Attacks on civilian infrastructure. There are victims

Sumi Oblast was also damaged in Monday's airstrikes. The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that the Russian military had hit the center of Bilopol with three airstrikes. As a result, one woman died and two others were injured. The bombs damaged residential and administrative buildings and vehicles in the area.

Air raids also took place in Sumi city itself. There, Russian weapons wounded three people.

A heavy attack was carried out in Chelitiv, Donetsk region Damage to a nine-storey residential building. As the portal UkraiƄska Pravda wrote, the ceiling between the fifth and sixth floors collapsed. There was a fire.

In this case Preparations started In relation to violations of the laws and customs of war.

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